2021 Nucs-Sold Out

Deposit: $50.00

PRICE: $220.00 
DEPOSIT: $50.00

The cost per Nuc is $220.00. A $50.00 deposit is required to reserve your Nuc. The remaining balance of $170.00 (cash or Venmo, no credit cards accepted) is due upon pick-up at S&K Honey Farms in Bedias, Texas. Delivery options may be available, please inquire.

New 5 Frame Deep Plywood Nuc Box (may be painted or unpainted depending on stock) – Nucs Cannot Be Shipped

S&K Honey Farms Is Registered With TAIS – Texas Apiary Inspection Service

Call us at 936-874-2819 or email us if you would like to order this product.

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Our 5 – Frame Nucs are a great way to go to get a head start and are priced with our customers in mind. Each Nuc Includes:

  • Young Proven Laying Marked Queen
  • 5 Full Deep Frames of Bees, Brood, Nectar, and Pollen
  • No “Old” Frames – Most Are New from Starter Colonies
  • New 5 Frame Deep Plywood Nuc Box (may be painted or unpainted depending on stock) – Nucs Cannot Be Shipped
  • Our Nucs Are Produced Here On Our Farm – Not From California Almond Pollination Splits

Care Instructions:
When you arrive home with your new Nuc, it is important to carefully choose the right place to establish your new beehive. Facing east in a location which receives a good number hours of sunlight is often preferable with some afternoon shade for those really hot days. Place your Nuc next to the beehive you will be installing it into. After an hour or so carefully open the entrance to the Nuc (using a smoker with light puff of smoke) and allow the bees to fly and become accustomed to their new location. The next day, you can begin the process of transferring the frames from the Nuc into their new home. First prepare your beehive by removing all of the frames and set aside for the time being. Place a feeder in the hive against one side (we recommend using a frame/division board feeder inside of the beehive to reduce the chance of robbing), fill the frame/division board feeder with a one part water to a one part sugar solution (this would equate to 4 lbs. of sugar well dissolved into 2 quarts of water). You can begin the process of transferring the frames into their new home. Open the top to the Nuc Box slowly, slowly remove the outermost frame from and place it in the hive, repeat the process carefully until all frames have been transferred to the center of their new home. After you have installed the frames from the Nuc, fill the remaining space with the frames you removed previously from the beehive (put the extra frames away for future use). Your new beehive will need to be continually fed a minimum of two to three weeks a one part water to a one part sugar solution to provide the bees and queen an opportunity for a great start. Keep the entrance reducer to the beehive in place to prevent robbing until the hive becomes well established. With the bees and queen having been moved several times, it is important to allow the bees and queen time to adjust to their new home and surroundings, we suggest you do not open the hive for a minimum of four to five days. Check the feeder on day four or five, fill the feeder and ensure the feeder does not run out of sugar syrup. After the bees and queen have had plenty of time to adjust to their new home, carefully inspect the frames for the queen and check to see she is laying. It may take the queen a short period of time to adjust and become comfortable before she starts to lay eggs so do not be alarmed if you do not see eggs the first inspection. Once the bees have an adequate supply of resources in the hive, pollen and nectar are naturally available, you can stop feeding the hive.


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