2021 Bee Hives-Sold Out

Deposit: $100.00

PRICE: $350.00 
DEPOSIT: $100.00

Each beehive is $350.00. A $100.00 down payment will be needed when ordering your hive. The remaining balance of $250.00 (cash or Venmo, no credit cards accepted) is due upon pick-up at S&K Honey Farms in Bedias, Texas. Delivery options may be available, please inquire.

New 10 Frame Complete Single Story Hive.

Our family run honeybee farm has made it our business to employ only the best beekeeping methods for three generations in order to keep our bees and their habitat going strong for many more generations.

We are a TAIS registered honeybee farm.

Call us at 936-874-2819 or email us if you would like to order this product.

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Our New 10 Frame Single Story “Select Wood Grade” Beehives are Perfect for new beekeepers. There is no need to purchase additional hive equipment, or worry about transferring frames, bees, or a queen from a Nuc Box.

Each New Hive Includes:

  • Young NEW Proven Laying Marked Queen
  • 5 Full Deep Frames of Bees, Brood, Nectar, and Pollen
  • No “Old” Frames – Most Are New from Starter Colonies
  • Our Hives Are Produced Here On Our Farm – Not From Almond Pollination Splits from California
  • 5 New Assembled Deep Frames Ready For Bees To Draw Out
  • Telescoping Top w/Inner Cover or Treated/Painted Migratory Top w/ Feeder Hole and Plug
  • Painted Hive Body
  • Painted Bottom Board
  • Inner Cover
  • Entrance Reducer
  • Internal Frame Feeder Included

Care Instructions:
It is important to prepare a good location to establish your hive. The new hive should face East and receive several hours of sunlight per day, with some shade to protect the bees on hot days. Once in place, the entrance size should be reduced to prevent robbing. For the first two to three weeks, the hive will need to be fed a sugar solution (one part water, one part sugar) continuously.

Once placed, the hive should not be opened for 3 to 5 days to allow the queen and bees time to become acclimated to their new environment. The feeder should be kept full during this time to give the bees a great start. After this time, examine the queen to ensure that she is laying. Remember,the queen may not begin laying right away, so do not worry if there are no eggs on your first inspection. After you are sure the bees have nectar and pollen to build up the hive, you can remove the feeder.


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