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Let our FAQ page answer any questions you may have on our honey bees, or honey bees in general. If you question isn’t listed feel free to reach out to us using the contact form below. We love teaching our customers all things honey bees.

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Fun Fact:

Each honey bee colony has a unique odor for members’ identification.
When should I order a Beehive(s) or Nuc(s)?
Quality Beehives and Nucs sell out quickly. We strongly suggest you place your order early. We plan and prepare in advance to produce a certain number of Beehives and Nucs for sale in order to take care of our new and returning customers.
Do you ship bees?
We do not ship bees. If you order Beehives or Nucs, we will arrange pickup dates and location(s) convenient for our customers. This may be here at the farm or one of several bee yard locations in our county. If you need assistance with setting up your new Beehive or Nuc, let us know and special arrangements can be made in advance.
What should I do in advance before I pick up my Beehive(s) or Nuc(s)?
If you are new to the fun and exciting world of beekeeping, we highly recommend you read and learn all you can. Research the internet, join a local Beekeepers Association, research the equipment you will need and the costs so you are well prepared. There is a great wealth of information online and books available to help you become a successful beekeeper. We want you to enjoy your new hobby!
What strain of honeybees do you sell?
Rather than offer one particular strain, we utilize several different strains-VSH Italian, Cordovan Italian w/VSH Trait and queens from Navasota.
When are Beehives and Nucs available for pickup?
The process for scheduling pickup dates ahead of time takes a lot of thought and planning, keeping in mind weather can have an impact. With this in mind, we will schedule in advance pickup dates for the last week in March (if the weather provides proper timing for colony build-up), April, and May so our customers can plan accordingly.
Do you produce and sell queens?
We currently do not produce queens for sale. Our time and energy is focused on providing customer service, producing strong vigorous honeybee colonies for production of Beehives, Nucs and honey. We produce our own queens and purchase queens from highly reputable and recognized longtime queen breeders.
Are the strains of bees gentle, mite resistant, disease resistant and honey producers?

Yes! What we sell is what we use in our own colonies and apiaries. We only use Queens bred for mite resistance, disease resistance, hygienic behavior, gentleness, early spring build-up and honey production, each strain having their own distinct traits. If you would like more information, please contact us.

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