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If you are looking for raw, unfiltered, locally-sourced honey fresh from our farm to your table, we would be pleased to have you as a customer. We are a family-owned farm with three generations of beekeepers. It is our mission to use the best and most sustainable beekeeping practices possible with our hives.
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A hive of bees must fly over 55,000 miles and collect nectar from approximately 2 million flowers to produce a pound of honey.
The Laube Family/S&K Honey Farms
In 1974, at the age of 14, Steve ordered his first package of bees and picked them up from Weaver Apiaries in Navasota, Texas, this was the beginning of a lifelong passion for beekeeping. What started out as a hobby, with only one beehive, eventually grew to much more through the years. Increasing the number of beehives, the addition of a honey house for extracting/bottling and eventually offering beehives and nucs for sale to our customers. ​​S&K Honey Farms is family owned and operated, three generations strong. Family dedicated and focused to providing customer service on a personal level. We offer fresh farm to table raw honey, beehives and nucs.

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